Starting Health

I’m not a writer. I failed 2 screen writing classes in University before finding an easier writing class to fulfill the requirement needed to earn my Film degree. My goal is to explain my thoughts outside of my head so that I can learn where I am wrong. As the people closest to me have most likely noticed, I am quick to push something on to someone I love because I feel or see that it could give them the same excitement that it is or was at some time giving me. This obviously has its flaws.

I believe that humans aren’t so different. Yes, we all have our own thoughts. Yes, we all have our own struggles. Yes, we all are our own being, BUT we are a part of the same species. When scientists do lab work on animals and organisms they don’t get to know the organism on a personal level before carrying out tests (as far as I know). This is because there are averages and normal expectations that spread across a species.

This last paragraph is a great example of why I want to start sharing my thoughts, because I’m not even sure if it’s correct, I just believe it’s correct and that’s enough for me to push it forward. Is it correct?

Anyways, when it comes to health there is a lot that works for all of us no matter your name, ethnicity, age, gender, political affiliation, etc. For example: large amounts of sugar with no equivalent activity to burn the ingested excess energy will lead to weight gain and other problems over time.

This seems like an extreme example, but there are people who consume in excess of 100–200g of sugar each and every day. They don’t have or make the time to burn that “potential” energy off and even if their metabolism handles it for the first 25 years of their life, it eventually catches up with them.

It’s more normal than it should be.

I‘m going to dive into the psychology of health whether it’s eating, drinking, working out, supplementation, or mindfulness. I want to see if what I believe is accurate and writing it out loud will hold me accountable to doing the research OR being yelled at / corrected by some internet person.

I also want cool free shit from sponsors because for some reason anything cool and health related is 10x the price I can afford. Why are things that could make us more conscious of our health way too expensive to purchase?

A little background on me:

I am currently 29 years old.

Weigh 156lbs.


Just got back into the gym yesterday(2/2/21) after 411 days of no gym. The birth of my 16 month old had some affect, but I’ll take the blame here and aim to never let it happen again.

I do around 20–25 pushups every night. I frequently do 10 squats before showering.

I am currently eating a ketogenic diet with daily net carbs averaging ~15. Some may not call this ketogenic, because I also eat daily high protein around 300–350. Might as well include my fat grams here too- 180–200g. Totaling for a minimum of 2680 calories, but I plan to increase that as my appetite increases from working out. I follow a 5x5 workout that I have planned out from now until April and then I will be starting a Madcow. Will edit this to finish when I have time.



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