Programming 24/1/22

Today I blog programming-

My life path takes a turn starting 7/2/22 when my offer to work at a software development company begins. I am leaving a 6 figure job to earning half of that in the most “1 step back, 2 steps forward” attempt I’ve ever made in my life. I can’t talk much about the position I accepted, but I think most people can guess what it is if they have spent 4 hours trying to look for a software engineering position. Unlike recent CS graduates I have the opinion that it is perfect for my family and I. We can afford to not make great money for the 3 months where I will be trained before being hired by a client. They will guide me to having a perfectly hire-able resume, walk me through the interview processes with practice along the way, design a curated stack that is specific for a company that 100% has open positions for that stack, and only puts a leash around my neck for 1–2 years. When you are young you are mostly unwilling to ever have a leash around your neck. But after seeing the alternative you start to realize if you have a choice in which leash is put around your neck then you might also have a choice what home you end up sleeping in before it gets dark. I see a future of me earning half the salary I made in 2021 this year. By month 12 my contract will be bought up and I will be back above $90,000/year with no looking back. With this career path from that point I see $125,000 as possible within 3 years and $150,000+ within 2 years after that. The yearly salary does not matter so much as the ability to work remote and be with my family when I want to be. Both of which were impossible working on tv shows in Los Angeles. As this is the summary of my journey into programming the followups will be more free flow of what I am working on and how it is going. More of the emotional reveal. If I was to make a bold prediction I would say doing twitch of me working through programming problems could be a great side hustle as the same was true of the video game twitch boat which I missed entirely when I quit videogames back in 2009. It’s okay to miss one boat if you survive, but missing two is a bit unnecessary especially if you have a family to feed.



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