Program 24/1/22_0

Now I begin….

I’ve been following this course on udemy and it’s been great- but really ramped up the difficulty around module 49. Either that or my brains started to shut off a bit, but I’m continuing on and hoping the sub conscious is doing it’s job. By difficulty I mean that the difference between watching John explain something versus doing it yourself loses a bit of the aha connection that easier things seem to provide. Like serialization of a arrayList feels more like copying and pasting what he is saying instead of absorbing the information and feeling like I can do it on my own later on when necessary. That’s a larger issue I haven’t quite resolved with programming which I assume fixes itself over time that feeling like you can take the tools you’ve been equipped with and jumbling them together to actually solve a problem. Back to the code-

Today I started with Inner Classes worked through enums, recursion, serialization, and serializing arrays, now we are looking at the transient keyword.

Now I am on to passing value which is the last module in the “Programming Core Java” section which was 10.5 hours of video. Think it’s been a nice alternative view of how to do different things versus the resources I received from my job. I’ll have to finish this up when I return from an inspection appointment for the car.



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