Goals and Marriage

I have an idea that could help me with a goal I’ve always had AND make my wife happier. When I try to eat just meat or fast my wife doesn’t say anything out loud, but I know she hates it. It’s a feeling you get when something builds like a pressure cooker until finally when I stop and it feels like someone stopped holding their breath. Doing these things or starting to do these things is hard enough on your own and with your own demons yelling at you to stop. So when you have an inside job working against you there is no shot at being successful. Anyways I saw a video about Mukbang’s or videos of people eating large amounts of food and thought to myself. 1) I can do that. 2) I can pair that with working out every other day in a STRENGTH building program to balance out the unhealthiness of it… maybe do doctor visits and track body fat % using dexascan, etc. 3) MY wife gets to cook and get better at making Venezuelan dishes for me and make them look beautiful. So she wins by cooking things she loves to cook and eat (with opportunity to try new recipes from her mom and grandmom) and I win by eating large enough amounts of food to actually gain weight. Will report back after I hear what my wife thinks.

My goal being to weight 185–190 at 10–14% bf. Have certain strength goals associated with this too which should only take 5–6 months to reach.



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